After taking 400+ photographs during this weekends U10 Football Tournament at Appleby Bridge I can now finally share them, please note these games where only 12mins long in duration !

In summary a great start for the Horwich St Marys Vipers winning the first 2 games, losing the 3rd group game, doing enough to qualify for the semi final ! Sadly losing this on penalties :(. So much respect to the lads on how they presented themselves that day lots of highs and lows, a pleasure to be associated to such a great bunch of players and parents not forgetting special mention to Danny Barry our team coach, looking forward to the next tournament already.

Links to all photographs & games etc below.

Group Game 1!Ak5gnw4TEHxjgadpuCh7FIRURqieYw

Group Game 2!Ak5gnw4TEHxjgag_vGUKYhspdv8_-A

Group Game 3!Ak5gnw4TEHxjgakCDSdmdgnKjenSNw

Game 4 - Semi Final!Ak5gnw4TEHxjgak9kdQzNl0nbUntiw

Game 5 - 3/4th Place playoff!Ak5gnw4TEHxjgaozdf7or2eiob9Ccg

Others - Prior to kickoff, Parents, Winners etc.!Ak5gnw4TEHxjgapfwqQYXwImwZ754A